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Membership Fee (Annual) $25.00
Single-Family Box $35.00
Single-Family Organic Box $45.00
Single-Person Box $25.00
Single-Person Organic Box $35.00
Please send a separate E-Mail for any of the specialty items listed below. Be sure and include quantity.
Honey $8.00 pint   $15.00 Quart   Raw Milk $8.00 Gallon
Bean Pie $10.00 Whole Pie   Whiting Fish $18.00 5 Pound Bag
Tilapia $20.00  pound Bag   Bean Soup (Jar)   Coming Soon
Chicken Sausage $13.00 Bag of 10   Meatless Products  Coming Soon
Chicken Breasts $ 21.00 5 Pound Bag      
Remember delivery fee is $5.00 be prepared to pay that in cash upon delivery