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 The purpose of the food co-op program is to provide the community with fresh fruits and vegetables and other food products for cheaper prices and convenience.   We buy in bulk and this allows us to purchase the food products reasonable.  Your Foods Co-Op is designed to give the community options in choosing fresh food other than those found in Wal-Mart, Kroger's, and Publix.  All fruits and vegetables are hand-picked for the best quality.  Our products come from local farms and farmersí markets right here in Georgia.  The benefits of having fresh fruits and vegetables in our community will lead to a healthier lifestyle.  This food co-op will also create unity and employment within the community.  We also offer fresh fish and other vegetarian products.  We will deliver within a 25 mile radius. 

Saving money is no good if you are too unhealthy to spend it.  We are encouraging all our friends and family to eat healthy.  In addition to reducing food costs, we want to introduce our community to healthy food habits.


Single-Family Box                                            $35.00

Single-Family Organic Box                               $45.00

Single-Person Box                                            $25.00

Single-Person Organic Box                               $35.00


These prices may vary $5 more depending on the season and product availability. The fruits we offer are listed below:

Apples                 Oranges                     Bananas

Grapes                  Strawberries            Peaches

Plums                   Pears                         Lemons

Limes                   Cantaloupes             Watermelons

Mangoes                Pineapples

 The vegetables we offer are listed below:

Broccoli                 Lettuce                     Tomatoes          Cucumbers

Spinach                 Carrots                      Onions               Potatoes

Cabbage                Turnip                       Celery                Beans

Squash                  Peppers                      Corn                  Cauliflower

Garlic                    Eggplant


 We will also offer individual items for purchase.


Raw Milk            Whiting Fish                Meatless Products

Bean Pie              Tilapia                          Bean Soup (Jar)

Pick up location: 4788 Jonesboro Rd. Bldg. B

                            Union City, GA 30291

                            (Fridays and Saturdays only)

Delivery upon request within a 25-mile radius. (Saturdays only)